About Growing Agency

Growth is in our DNA since 2018.

Our Mission.

Oversee 300 businesses growing year over year with modern marketing programs that will consistently weed out their competition and help them attain their dreams.

Sow. Grow. Reap. Repeat.

Founded on 15 Years Experience in marketing.

Since then we have been able to helped different businesses around the US and Canada grow online. Our team is made up of professionals who are focused on making your business thrive, but we don’t just talk about results, we give them, by presenting our clients with reporting on a monthly basis that proves return on your investment.

Growing Agency Latest Milestone

🥳 We're so excited to be 5 years old! 🎂

2022 Year In Review

We launched our Complete Seed to Harvest Marketing System.

Sow - Grow - Reap - Repeat

2021 Year In Review

Growing Agency buckled-down on improving our communication, systems and procedures with a focus on educating ourselves, teams and partners on how to best serve clients in a post-pandemic world.

2020 Year In Review

The year that put the world on pause was difficult for everyone, small businesses being no exception. We witnessed a complete change on the way a lot of the workforce approached the office environment and the uncertainty led to fight or flight mental states, some businesses couldn't even operate when they wanted to work.

A lot of businesses didn't make it through the year and we are forever grateful for the clients we were able to get through along side with our team, bunkered down, and working harder than ever to constantly improve upon what we were offering to alleviate the pain that our customers were feeling.

2019 Year In Review

Our motto is born, "Rooted in Service".

Growing Agency hits our growth targets, we missed on a few months but we definitely picked up a lot of steam this year launching marketing programs for 33 businesses!

Founded 2018

Growing Agency was founded in a passion to bring real human heart felt marketing services that would help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

A figure that is all too jarringly low in the united states for the first 5 years of their life, almost 50% of businesses don't make it.

We intend to fix that, one business at a time.

Premium Marketing

Services from Root to Tip,


Marketing Services from Root to Tip,

for 6 to 8 Figure Local Service Businesses.


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Hop In Our Wagon,
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